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Discover our beautiful, fully equipped new, apartments with included, daily hotel service, in our aparthotel Belcasa Beach Suites & Lofts.
Book your carefree vacation in the center of Westende-Bad at 50m from the sea and beach.

Experience the North Sea with Belcasa (Apart)Hotels

Westende is a cosy family seaside resort, with a brand-new seafront promenade, we are close to bustling Middelkerke with its impressive new casino Silt.

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Maximum enjoyment during your stay at the sea

Discover the calendar of activities and events in and around Westende.

Stay in these beautiful, quietly located, spacious and sunny flats, on the dunes of Westende, within walking distance from the sea. With the possibility of renting a private, underground parking space.

The cozy apartments of our Belcasa Suitehotel are centrally located in Westende-bad, the ideal place to stay for one or more nights.

In the heart of Westende-bad, you can stay in the beautiful apartments of Belcasa Mar. Near the sea and beach, and numerous cozy tearooms and restaurants.

Discover our beautiful vacation homes on the Belgian coast

Our Story

Our story began with Belcasa Suitehotel in 2013. Over the years we grew into a fixture in the well-known family seaside resort of Westende. 

In 2017, we opened the Belcasa Family Suites & Lofts, spacious new walk-through flats, with large terraces, both at the front and the back, uniquely and quietly located on, and with, an unobstructed view of the dunes.

Then, in 2021, followed the Belcasa Beach Suites & Lofts, an architectural beacon in Westende-bad located right next to the Belcasa Suitehotel. In the new Belcasa Beach, our reception is then also located. 

Finally, in 2023, we opened Belcasa Mar Suites & Lofts, located in the heart of Westende-bad.

All our suites & lofts have separate bedroom(s), a bathroom, a living area and a private kitchen, we offer an every day hotel service to our guests, you can book and stay with us per night. We look forward to welcoming you.

Stay at aparthotel Belcasa Beach Suites & Lofts

Are you looking for a unique lodge with every comfort, centrally located, and close to the beach? Then our Belcasa Beach Suites & Lofts, is the place to stay. 

All suites and lofts have separate bedroom(s), a bathroom, a living area and a private kitchen. In addition, hotel service is included.

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